On-Site Advantages

Only Process which does not Remove Flame Retardant

  • Most Flame Retardants are water soluble and will wash out completely if washed, steamed or dry-cleaned. In addition, harsh chemicals combined with heat can burn stains from flame retardant permanently into your drapes.
  • On-Site’s non-immersion cleaning method does not use liquids, therefore will not remove the existing flame retardant. Once cleaned, On-Site will provide Certification for Fire Code Compliance

Largest Drum in the Business:

  • High Capacity: We can process significantly more draperies in a day than our competitors. For you, that means less down-time. In most cases, we can complete even large cleaning projects in the SAME DAY.
  • Less Crowding: Traditional cleaners have much smaller cleaning drums, forcing them to cram drapery into their machines. This leads to excessive wrinkling and inconsistent cleaning results. On-Site has the biggest drum in the business which means your drapes do not get wrinkled or bound up and our cleaning results are even, not patchy.
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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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