How to Clean Drapes

Never had to learn how best to clean drapes? We understand. Here is a summary of the four ways drapes can be cleaned. Tip: When getting an estimate, be sure to ask about what cleaning method they are using and ask if they will provide a no-shrinkage guarantee. Click Here for more information on Care and Maintenance of Drapery

  1. Steam Cleaning: Often, carpet cleaning companies will use their handheld attachment to clean drapes while they are still hanging. The problem with this method is that it provides surface cleaning only - the dirt on your drapes accumulates up in the pleats and in-behind where steam cleaning cannot reach. Moreover, the injection of steam further embeds accumulated dirt and soil, and leaves the drapes with a wrinkled & limp look. Save yourself some money, vacuuming your drapes with your own vacuum will produce similar results. Vacuuming drapes won’t remove embedded dust, but is a good interim step between deep cleaning.
  2. Dry Cleaning: Traditional dry cleaners immerse drapes in harsh dry cleaning fluids at high temperatures which cause shrinkage and fabric distortion. In addition, to compensate for the shrinkage caused by liquid immersion, drapes are often stretched and pressed to attempt to restore original shape and form. Unfortunately, delicate drapery fabric does not stand up well to heat, pressing and harsh chemicals. The result is a degraded fabric which will never regain its original shape and look (Click Here to See the Results). If the drapes include tassels, trim, silk, wool or have a blackout lining, they can be ruined with just one cleaning.
  3. Washing: Drapery fabrics are not the same as other fabrics. While some drapes, like polyester sheers, can be washed, most drapes, even those who’s label indicates washable, will not respond well to washing. Any fabric immersed in water will shrink, and the washing process results in fabric distortion and damage, even after just one wash. Washing causes permanent damage to fabrics, what’s more is washed drapes will require pressing which causes additional damage, significantly shortening their lifespan.
  4. On Site’s Exclusive Non-Immersion Cleaning: What's different about the On-Site process? The cleaning process developed by On-Site is a true dry cleaning operation, and completely different than traditional dry cleaning. With On-Site, your drapes are gently tumbled with our proprietary DrapeGlo™ dry cleaning agent, a powder, which gently massages dust, dirt and contaminants out of your drapes. When we say gentle, we mean it, our custom built drum rotates in such a way that it does not tangle the drapes and alter the pleat structure in any way. A powerful blower motor then extracts out the DrapeGlo™ powder, which has bound with the dust and contaminants. This unique process guarantees outstanding cleaning results without the harsh cleaning process. (Click Here to See the Results). What’s more, our unique dry cleaning process is the only method of cleaning which does not remove any existing flame retardant from fabric.
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