Laboratory Tested Proven Results

Laboratory Tested Proven Results

Although gentle, only the On-Site dry cleaning method is thorough - a fact demonstrated by comparison tests conducted under a laboratory microscope.

Laboratory tests prove DrapeGlo™ Cleaning Process is much superior to dry cleaning or washing. Sample fibers from drapes cleaned with the On-Site method were compared to alternative cleaning methods.

The independent report prepared by the pathologist's states:

Fibres in the tumble duster method were absent or lying flat.
Fibres In the traditional dry cleaning method sample appeared degenerated, lacked color, and were matted with grape like clusters of dirt (re­-deposition of dirt) throughout.
Fiber from the drapes cleaned using the DrapeGlo™ dry cleaning process were identical in appearance to the brand new fibre.

Proven to Improve Indoor Air Quality with no toxic residue.

The On-Site Process has been proven effective by independent testing. Indoor Air Quality Tests conducted by the Safety Services Branch of the Ontario Government concluded that On-Site Drapery Cleaner's Process;

  1. Leaves no traces of toxic residue
  2. Leaves no residual toxins in the drapes
  3. Leaves no toxins in the air of the room


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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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