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Did you know that Fire Code requires theaters to provide current certificates of flame retardant properties for all Stage Draperies? Did you know that typically, Flame Retardant needs to be re-applied every 4-5 years to remain effective? Did you know most Dry Cleaning processes will remove flame retardant properties from your drapes? Its OK, we understand, drapes are not everyone's top priority. Click Here to Learn More About Compliance

Did you know that your Stage Draperies act as a filter absorbing airborne dust, pollutants, chemicals, and allergens? Dirty drapes contribute to poor indoor air quality which can adversely affect the health of your students and staff who may be allergic or sensitive to dust.

Did you know that airborne pollutants combine with humidity and oxygen to form acid that creates "dry rot" which, left unchecked, destroys the fabric. Protect your investment, draperies are expensive to replace.

On-Site Drapery Cleaners have been cleaning Stage Draperies for over 25 years. Our non-immersion process is the ONLY way to safely clean Stage Draperies. Also, we have a larger Cleaning Drum than all our competitors which means we can clean even the largest Stage Draperies without costly re-seaming, no project is too large for us.

Our service is unlike traditional dry cleaners, our unique non-immersion process is both environmentally friendly, and fabric friendly. We guarantee we will not damage your drapes, guaranteed no shrinkage, we guarantee not to remove flame retardant which may be inherent in the fabric. Not sure if your Stage Drapes are in compliance with Fire Code? We offer complementary match flame tests for theaters.

Our Service includes:

  • environmentally friendly dry cleaning
  • applying flame retardant
  • providing certification for flame retardant application

For minimal interruption to your theater's schedule, we can offer you Same Day Service as our mobile 'Dry Cleaning Plant on Wheels' can come right to your theater, or we pick up and deliver.

CLICK HERE to have our friendly staff drop by your Theater and assess your Drapes, including a free match flame test.

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Environmentally Friendly

  • Green Process
  • No Residue
  • No Toxic Waste
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